Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 21st and 22nd

We made paper plate apples using torn up construction paper. This was a great fine motor activity. 

Ms. Nicole spent time helping friend with number recognition and counting. So many fun apple activities happening in our classroom. I love fall!

We are still enjoying the squishy dough we made last week. Today we explored how it slowly dripped through this rack. They had fun pulling and stretching it through. 

Smelling is also a really great way to explore new things in the classroom.

Shaving cream and sand was an interesting sensory experience for everyone today. What a bizarre texture! 

Everyone got really creative with the apple pieces and toothpicks. Some of my friends made structures and other made animals. 

Today we added more thing to our fall sensory bin. We smelled and explored cinnamon stick. I filled red and green balloons with sand and we pretended they were apples.

There was a lot of really great team work happening on our playground today. They all worked together to get the tires up over the black border and onto the wood chips. Nice  work, Explorers!

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