Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 12th and 13th

The children were very intrigued by the shaving cream that was available for sensory play on Monday morning. It was a new texture and smell for most of the children. We had someone ask to add ice cubes to it; everything is more fun with ice cubes! What we observed was that the shaving cream acted as an insulation and actually kept the ice cubes from melting quickly. So fun to explore new things! 

We also worked on our "I am Special" mirrors on Monday, and talked about what makes each and everyone of us special.

Amelia was concentrating very hard while doing some fine motor work, stringing the beads onto pipe cleaners.

Kellan, making himself a bracelet!

During quiet choices, my friends used the chalk pastels to make some colorful masterpieces to share with their families.  

Mason and Aidan worked together during quiet choices to finish a puzzle.

Balancing on the border of the playground has been a fun challenge for everyone the last two days. Yesterday they were balancing while walking one foot in front of the other, today they challenged themselves a little more by shuffling sideways across the border. 

We used magazine cut-outs to create paper plate faces. They are all very unique!

Aidan and Kellan were getting creative and building some really cool homes for the different animals.

Mason was very interested in the different ways he could use the cars with the pipes. They make great ramps!

While my friends were doing the sideways shuffle, they notices their shadows on the ground below them. We talked about what helps to make our shadows. It was fun to watch our shadows wave and also try to step on them! 

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