Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday fun!

This morning during free choice, we played with cooked spaghetti noodles. We agreed that the noodles would be best if they were green. We added some colored ice cubes to see what would happen. The kids really enjoyed scooping, twisting and twirling the noodle around with the spoons and forks. They discovered that the ice cubes were really tricky to pick up with the spoons, but after much work, they did it!

Amelia started her day off reading a book in the book area. 

Everyone enjoyed doing some stamping this morning. 

Amelia got creative with the magnetic Tegu blocks.

Bendaroos are wax coated pieces of yarn. They are a lot of fun to create anything from letters, numbers and shapes to animals and other objects.

The puppet theater was a lot of fun this morning. Everyone got to put on their own show.

Viola worked really hard to sort the food in the muffin tin. This is great practice for when we clean up the kitchen area. The food is sorted by color into labeled buckets. They match the food to the correct bucket.

Pow-wow in the tent.

We all worked as a team to put the puzzle together during quiet choices. Nice work, Explorers!

Iris showed us her skills with the hula hoop today. Go, Iris!

Kellan was very determined to climb the giant tire  to get to the other side.

Slides are always more fun on your belly!

Ryan and Ben enjoyed some time on the swings during recess.

The train went by and inspired them to create a train out of cones.

Alex also had some serious hula hooping skills to show us.

Then he decided to march around with a bucket on his head. He was copying the Discoverers.

Hadleigh, Ryan and Paige were having fun filling up their laps with sand. 

As Iris was sitting with me I said "burr"! Then she said "I want to keep you warm", so we snuggled. Thanks for the snuggles Iris, you're such a great friend! 

Hadleigh was being goofy at lunch. She told me that I couldn't see her because her eyes were closed, so I took a picture to show her that I actually could still see her :)

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