Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 2

Everyone enjoyed feeling, smelling and manipulating the cloud dough this morning. It is a type of play dough, but super soft. It is made of equal parts of cornstarch and hair conditioner. The type of conditioner you use determines the scent of the dough!

Water marbles were also a fun activity in our classroom this morning. The kids noticed how squishy, bouncy and wet the beads were. They also explored some colored ice cubes with the marbles.

Natalie changed Sofia The 1st clothes, over and over again. I think she finally settled on the pink dress!

Amelia enjoyed the wooden castle this morning. She worked very hard to set up all the furniture, and get the horses into their stall.

Viola had fun making a game with the dinosaurs during morning choice time.

Hadleigh discovered that when she looks through the colored blocks, everything around her looks that color! 

We have been practicing standing and walking in a line. This will help us walk safely to the Library, and other places in the community that we want to explore.

Alex was being silly with his friend, Kelly.

Viola challenged herself by walking backwards up the stairs.

Alex was so excited to see and hear the train. It goes by right outside the fence near our playground.

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