Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week of August 8th

Allie and Reese used the magnetic discs to do some sorting and counting.

Everyone really enjoyed exploring the marshmallow play dough. It smelled so good! 

Our new princess castle has been a huge hit for everyone. 

Reese was painting with Lego blocks.

Hendric built a tunnel with the wooden blocks to send his train through.

Thomas, Reese and Grayson had fun manipulating the kinetic  sand.

Ms. Amy brought in this fun new parking garage for us to play with.

Violet and Madisyn enjoying a book together.

We used an overhead projector this morning. It was really fun to play with different objects on it. They even discovered that they could make hand puppets too!

Erna read us a book about how ice cream is made. It was great to learn about it before we go to eat some.

Grayson, being silly on the playground.

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