Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our amazing first day together!

Iris and Poppy, working really hard to put together the puzzle. Nice team work!

Ryan, Iris, Poppy and Paige enjoyed some coloring this morning during choice time.

Some friends enjoyed exploring the dot markers, and different ways to draw with them.

Magnets are always very intriguing to a child. They used magnetic wands to pick up pieces of pipe cleaners and magnet discs.  

Another fun magnetic choice in our classroom is our magnet tiles. At first, many children build only flat on the table. It is so much fun to watch their face light up when they discover that they can actually build towers with them.

Alex really took pride in keeping out classroom floor clean this morning. Thanks, Alex!

Everyone wanted a turn on the swings today. 

Alex was hauling his truck around in a pan. So Strong!

Kellan, enjoyed the way the sand felt running between his fingers. 

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