Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our amazing first day together!

Iris and Poppy, working really hard to put together the puzzle. Nice team work!

Ryan, Iris, Poppy and Paige enjoyed some coloring this morning during choice time.

Some friends enjoyed exploring the dot markers, and different ways to draw with them.

Magnets are always very intriguing to a child. They used magnetic wands to pick up pieces of pipe cleaners and magnet discs.  

Another fun magnetic choice in our classroom is our magnet tiles. At first, many children build only flat on the table. It is so much fun to watch their face light up when they discover that they can actually build towers with them.

Alex really took pride in keeping out classroom floor clean this morning. Thanks, Alex!

Everyone wanted a turn on the swings today. 

Alex was hauling his truck around in a pan. So Strong!

Kellan, enjoyed the way the sand felt running between his fingers. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pajama Day

Yesterday worked out to be the perfect day for a pajama day. We got cozy with our rest mats and stuffed animals and watched some Dr. Seuss and Curious George. The rain lasted a little longer than we had hoped, so we started watching the movie Home. When the rain let up, we headed outside. During our picnic lunch (which we held inside on the meeting rug because the ground outside was too wet) we finished the rest of the movie Home. 

Other friends chose to build in the block area, or do some coloring during the morning movie time.

This morning we used the dot markers to trace the letters in their names. Ms. Christina is going to be so proud to see how much the 3/4 class already knows how to do!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Oil and Water

This week we have explored a lot with oil and water. They observed and discussed why when they drop water onto the tray of oil that it does not mix together. Lots of interesting conversations happened during this exploration time.

We used fly swatter to paint with. It was so much fun watching how it spread the paint out over the paper. Super messy too!

Another oil and water experiment we tried this week was a painting project. Ms. Amy made chalk ice cubes. We painted a paper with oil and used the chalk ice cubes on the oil covered paper. It was fun to watch the ice melt across the oil.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Snakes and Skittles

This morning we did a science experiment using skittle and warm water. If you place the skittle in a square or circle on a plate and add warm water to the center until it is touching each skittle, it creates a really cool rainbow. The kids thought this was really interesting to watch. we talked about why they think this happens. They had some really great ideas.

The snake presentation was so awesome! I was so proud of how many questions the kids had and how into the snakes they actually were. So many brave kiddos!