Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shelburne Farms

"Hello Mister Goat"

We found an empty little building that used to house some sort of farm animal. It was the perfect fit for all our little animals :)

Took a little hike to check out the Donkeys that were taking cover in their house.

We sat on the grass and listened to one of the employees tell us all about Chickens, before the Chicken parade started.

Some of our friends were super brave and held a chicken, other were happy to watch them from afar.

We went inside the playroom to cool down for a bit. The kids LOVED the playhouse and pretend food they had. 

Other friends really enjoyed the pretend farm animals and barn. 

"Hello in there".

"I spy a Cam".

"Hope on the pony parade".

Violet loved the stuffed chickens so much she had a hard time putting them down to join the pony parade.

Cora spotted an egg that she was waiting for the perfect moment to sneak in and snatch it without getting pecked by a chicken.

"Anymore eggs in there"?

Cora got to weigh the egg she had found before placing it in an egg carton. The egg weighed in to be a extra large one!

We got to check out how they make their famous cheese.

Finally, we ended our visit with a nice picnic lunch before heading back to school. 

"Goodbye Mister Goat".

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday, July 22nd

Earlier this week, we painted some different pasta shapes. Next week we will use them to make summer scenes.

On water play day, we filled a pool with water and dish soap, and used a hula hoop to make giant bubble around our bodies.  

Pajama day is so much fun, especially when your pj's match a friends!

We had lot of bunny stuffies today, so we put diapers on them and put them to bed!

Allie and Reese were putting their fine motor skills to the test and also making some really fun patterns with these fruit rings and spaghetti noodles. 

So, this is what monkeys in a cage look like ;)

Everyone grabbed a bucket or a pot and found something to drum on it with. They had fun trying to drum  to the same beat.