Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday, April 12th

                        Having fun playing together in the tent that Ms. Amy brought in to share with us!
              Painting some different pasta shapes so we can create our spring pictures tomorrow.

                   Making sure our classroom babies are fed and take care of at morning free choice.
                        Getting messy with a little cornstarch and hair conditioner. It smells so good!
               Thomas is so proud of his coloring page that he worked so hard to finish this morning.
                                                                 Great job Thomas!

                         At morning meeting we went over our letters and what sounds they make.
                                                                  Nice work friends!
 Today at music, Raph took us on an adventure! We packed up our invisible backpack and hiked to rescue a dragon. After our adventure, we sang "Puff The Magic Dragon".

    Some of my friends helped to create our cloud to finish up our spring bulletin board. Its so glittery!

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